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Why Kimo's?

We only use the best products available.

Ecolab Vehicle Care - Blue Coral
Since 1927, Blue Coral has been a legendary leader in automotive cleaners, polishes and protectants, and is one of the longest running brands in the automotive aftermarket. Known as the 'Cadillac' of waxes, Blue Coral has continued to grow with new product innovations, continuously researching and developing better, more effective ways to clean and protect vehicles and deliver satisfied car care consumers. In 1996, Ecolab Inc. bought Blue Coral’s professional car wash business which has since formed the backbone for Ecolab Vehicle Care's product portfolio.

Blue Coral is one of the largest selling brands in the retail and professional car wash market. This powerful brand name represents a legacy of innovation and value. Today the brand is attached to a variety of products as well as it's "Beyond Green" Sustainablility Program. Kimo's is Blue Coral Beyond Green certified. Hard on dirt. Easy on the earth.

For car wash consumers

  • * Cars that are clean, spot-free and shiny
  • * High quality and customer satisfaction
  • * Eco-friendly wash